Low startapp ecpm

hey guys, I have been using startapp since a few months, but since a few weeks the ecpm has suddenly dropped off, i get 10-12000 impressions a day(which translated into 80$) a week, but now its around 20$ a week with same number of impressions. Can anyone suggest me other ad networks for interstitials?

Yesterday, my revenue for all app is just 0.8$
Startapp hurt me so much! :frowning:

AppNext and mobileCore also have great interstitials in my experience, although StartApp have always been good on that front too for me.
I have a referral link in my signature for mobileCore if you want a $100 bonus after 100k impressions.

ok thanks, i have similar impressions of that app in my admob and im earning 5-10x more… Ill check out your link, whats the payment terms of mobilecore?

Hey protonsavy,

Most ad-networks offer Interstitials, so there is a wide variety out there.

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You can try on some other new coming platform. They just start, but higher ecpm than other platform, like Mobvista, appnext. I choose Mobvista and earn a lot. Haha~

AppNext do net10 provided you earn $10 for the month and mobileCore do weeklies if you hit $200 or more per week. Otherwise you’re paid once you reach $200 or at the end of that month.

are both reliable enough? payment wise?

What are your payment terms?

I’m testing Appnext now, the results are OK, not good, not bad , about $1 ECPM. Mobilecore is a bit better thou about $1.40 all across all countries, if only their ads loaded up a bit faster would have been the greatest

man, that 1.4 is exactly 7 times more than what I get with startapp, i really dont know whats happening ! :expressionless:

Yeah, Startapp is not paying as high as last year, it might be seasonal - i hope. But the ECPM they pay ,plus the PPI makes it still a pretty good, stable network. I think their banner pays very low - try to use the full page only and put banners from other companies. My breakdown so far this month is banners eCPM - $0.17, full page ads $1.40-1.75

I’ve got a lot of apps and 1 game using StartApp’s interstitials and I am seeing stable eCPMs in all of them so far this year.

startapp’s count is wrong. Just switched to appnext 3-4 days back and I am seeing more number of impressions (of course I got new users but then many older users wouldn’t have updated) + A network of the scale as startapp should have something better than net30

yep ,net30 sucks. net10 or even weekly, they can afford hiring a few accounting people and keep us all very very happy and staying with them . With the increasing competition they better do something. The net60 is why i left Mmedia

it all boils down to one thing,Im gonna ditch startapp for a while, i’ll try a couple of other networks because 0.2 ecpm for full screen ads is a bad bad performance, appflood is good? mobile core?

Any knows a good ad network for banners that pay CPC or Impression like Airpush or Admob? I know that Admob usually has terrible eCPM and Airpush better, but I need a backfill for Airpush banner. Startapp banners are not an option cause their banners are CPI, so that’s why the eCPM is so low, they not pay for click or impression.

Startapp was only good during december 2013 when their CPM was around $10+ and now its back to less than $1. Time to say goodbye.

not much options with regard to fill rate. You can try the networks present in the mediation list of admob and set a floor price for admob to get better ecpm.

I have tried a lot of different ad networks and StartApp works the best for me so far. I think they did have an issue with one of the SDK’s but that was quickly taken care of. Maybe check and see if you are using the current SDK and make sure it is implemented correctly.