Low mmedia eCPM

I decided to try mmedia for a day and this was the result:

Requests: 55154
Views: 53271
Clicks: 742
eCPM: $0.04
Total revenue: $2.39

Before try it i read a lot of positive feedbacks about mmedia, also in this forum i read that it can be compared to admob…

Now i returned to use airpush, that gives to me a CPM higher than $1… Is this value inline with the average? And why airpush doesn’t show clicks?

Dont go only by the numbers you see on the interface… What is the total revenue you are making with Airpush now?

A good way to judge performance would be RPM = Revenue / Total requests * 1000. This gives the revenue per thousand impressions you send to a network and also takes into account the fill rate.

Here the RPM = 0.043

If you are moving to a new network, assuming your requests remain same, your revenue should increase and hence your RPM. If a network fills 50% of the requests at 1$ eCPM you still have potential to earn more. You can add another network to fill the remaining 50.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tips, in this period i earn more than $200/week with airpush, but they don’t show fill rates, only the impressions…

I’ve included google analytics, that the last month reported:
Sessions: 321,186
Screen views: 1,455,998

While airpush reported 800,829 impressions

Is there anyway to calculate fill rate by combining google analytics data with impressions reported by airpush?

And technically, how can i use more networks together? Maybe using the load listeners is the easiest way?

My mmedia eCPM is also very low: $0.05- $0.08 (it was way better in December), so I just forward traffic to other networks.

Is this traffic coming from banners or interstitial ads?

The best way I recommend is replace airpush with startapp/mobilecore/appnext/adiquity/appgrade (each one for 3-4 days). You will immediately come to know your real daily impression value from the network which shows the highest number of impressions.

P.S. Of course the usage of your app will increase in the testing period but still you will be easily able to make out which network counts your impressions correctly. airpush,startapp and mobilecore are known for showing less impressions

MMedia eCPM is very low for some apps while better for adMob (rarely) for others. Use ONLY with mediation. (at least for banners) And keep in mind that their payments are about 8% less than the estimates (at least for me).

Mmedia just sucks, their payment terms are net60 (which is stupid) and their ad inventory is garbage. I would use they as back up fill in mediation after everything else runs out, but thats it… maybe not even then because I would rather show house ads in that case.

I actually emailed them yesterday because I noticed something that has been happening for a long time. LOTS of unpaid for clicks. When I would look at the country statistics there were some that had up to 500 clicks in a day with 0 revenue. I ended up turning them off in my mediation and regret not finding it earlier because their fill rate is usually pretty high which took away from other networks that will actually pay.

It might be tough to derive that from your google analytics data… I agree with @javaexp there. The only option might be to try out different networks and compare the numbers reported. Make sure you choose network that works on CPC model… They have known to show somewhat accurate figures when it comes to requests and impressions. Clicks might be another thing though. :slight_smile:

Use a mediation platform to manage different networks. It is the easy way out. There are some free solutions available out there as well. You can check them out.

I completely agree. Doesn’t matter if you choose appnext or any other network - no one should work with a network that pays net 60. It’s just not right to treat developers like that, and I don’t care how big you are. Just sayin’.