Low Fill Rate in Admob from last 2 months

From many years fill rate used to be in between 97.00-99.80 %

Now its just around 80% since last 2 months. Anyone experiencing the same. ?

You should really mediate anyway, that will solve any fill-rate issues and you will earn better revenue.

The same for me,
Fill rate 70% I use admob.

Same here.
Fill rate is unbelievable low for me. Including China (which has low fill rate in admob- hence lowering overall score) my fill rate for august is 30%.
This is joke. Nobody is advertising in admob anymore or what?!

It looks very , very bad.

This is really ridiculous, i mean is admob making fun of developers or what ?! by far 2017 is the worst …

CPC is increasing and Fill rate is decreasing drastically.

I wouldn’t rely on only one network. There are a few networks out there now that can really compete with the big dog. Setting up a waterfall of networks or using mediation is one of the best ways to ensure fill and ensure you are getting the top dollar.

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