Looking for Volunteers on cross promotion

Hi Dear All,

As it is difficult to promote apps/games and at the same time some of us also limited to budget(or just don’t want to pay) for advertising of their apps/games, we could help each other on cross-promoting our apps. I came out with 2 ideas, and any comments would be much appreciated. So,

  1. Adding a button to the app/game with links to friends-app/game-- I think this kind of cross promotion drives more installs as it acts as a part of an app/game. Unfortunately, it has big minus related to those one who already have a huge active user-base from their app/game. So it is not equal and fair. BUT if to be optimistic, and to take on count that this “beginner” also in one day will have mostly big active user-base, so this action will be as investment in to your future :slight_smile: (I’m mostly a big fan of this first option as i don’t believe in banner ads cross promotion)
  2. It is banners and interstitial cross promotion. I think this case doesn’t need to be explained. The big minus here is that, it became usual to users so they don’t pay much attention on it. You probably know that making 10k impr/day gives about ~100 ± clicks, which turns out to 0-10 installs, which is very bad. BUT it has big plus, mean impressions are under control so both can give to each other the same impressions.

This is it. I think in terms of long relationship we could create kinda of trusted cross-promotion solution with a million active user base, so whenever the new app is ready from someone in the “group” we could promote it absolutely at no cost and as the end result everyone will win from this. Yes, I’m too optimistic, I just said my opinion, so… any ideas would be welcome

Sounds like an awesome idea to me. I mean how else are us “small guys” ever going to get large download rates. I see only 3 ways the indie developers get lots of downloads: 1, Make an original awesome app everyone is searching for (such as Fake Iphone by David), 2: Hit the lottery, I mean get reviewed like Mind, 3: Use shady/guerilla tactics, such as multiple gmail accounts and spamming your users.

Anyway, sign me up, I also think the button idea will get more downloads than house ads. And the way you put it as a “group of friends” helping each other and will continue when we get “big” to help the small guys, makes a lot of sense.

Well, this thread has 27 views and only 1 reply. Thanks, XdebugX :slight_smile:

I came out to two idea:

  1. Everyone(mostly as no reply) is happy with what they have ATM, and doesn’t want to change anything
  2. Everyone(mostly as no reply) achieved good user base with a lot of money from his/her budget so, now doesn’t want to share, which I do understand :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

if anyone’s interested, we can exchange some comments, rating and G+'s. I also find it extremely hard to promote an app without any advertising. I’ve had very good success with advertisements, but they cost a lot of money, and I’m not making enough from apps to cover that.

Or, as you’ve suggested, we can try HouseAds. I’m selling HouseAds on Fiverr (3,500 impressions for $5), but we could do this for each other for free. :slight_smile:

Please respond or send me a private message if you’re interested. Thank you!

Hi Insplisity,

House ads are not so effective, so if you want we could advertise our apps in button style. Mean, in the main page of app there will be a button with a link to the market for the app. If you are interested in this kind of advertisement, reply here, so we can talk.

Hi Daler,

thanks for replying. I understand that button ads are effective, but I would need to update my app every time, and I see a lot of uninstalls after updates. Also, we would not be able to determine, who is getting a better benefit. :slight_smile:

If we agree on 10.000 (or more) impressions, we know that we are being equal to each other. We can run house ads for a few days, have a pause, and run them again. My customers have around 1,5 to 2% CTR via House Ads. On 3.500 impressions I’m able to send them 70+ users.

If others join in we could create a nice little ad network for free. :slight_smile: We can also send each other screenshots of Ad House reports, so everything is nice and tidy.

Would you be prepared to consider this?

Thanks for reply Insplisity.

Agree about your point of view on button ads. Actually, did not know that update of the app will generate uninstalls, well anyway.

Due to the high volume of not effectivenesses of banner ads, I will probably leave all my impressions to keep generating revenue from ad-network, rather then house-ads. As most of clicks are simply mis clicks, you probably read a thread about it here in this forum, people with 3m impressions have around 300 installs… so, yeah… thanks)

I’ve read about the miss-clicks, but based on the feedback from my customers (and returning buyers!), I find House Ads quite useful.

My Memory Training game generates about 6000 impressions per day, and strangely enough, if I include a 3,500 impressions campaign (over 2 or 3 days), it doesn’t affect my earnings at all.

My invitation is still open. :slight_smile: Anyone can join.

Smart idea that if indie developers can have their own cross-promotion league. But honestly speaking, it may be too difficult that you have to take time to find similar apps, developers and negotiate on how to ballence the different user-bases …Sorry for my poor English, hope my description makes sense:(
And… there are already such cross-promotion platforms there acting like the middleman, like tap for tap just that it will take a 30% percent cut .
have you ever heard about appflood?seems it’s a commision free network.

I would be interested in exchanging 320x50 banner ads on a 1 vs 1 basis.

How about we code our own unique ‘AppWall’? I can give it a try if many of you are interested! We’ll have an AppWall link. Add it to the App just once. From that we can easily add or delete apps of other developers just from an online site. Easy to use and everyone can get a 1:1 exchange rate!

I would be interested in cross promotion but I wonder how we will effectively track/manage all these exchanges?

If some of you interested we could build our own ad-solution. Once we started a little bit with David, XdebugX and me, but it didnt go further then just a concept and idea. So, probably if we will get a TEAM, we could make it faster… write here if someone is interested in development of this ad-solution…

I still think this would be a good idea to take into production. As @Daler mentioned, we did start a project some time ago which could be continued. I’ve got the beginnings of a server written in Python, with the goal being to run it on Heroku backed with a MongoDB database (at least while being developed, a relational database may be necessary for performance reasons later).

Does anyone here have experience with Python who would be interested in helping with the server?

I don’t have experience with Python, but I’ll try to find a way to implement it. So what shall I look into? Our own App Wall or just Banner ads ?

WordHero and Anagram Hero backends are Python on Google App Engine… so yes, I have experience.

I seem to remember that the MobFox backend was open sourced. Why not just use that ?

The real problems for me are:

  1. getting more users
  2. getting decent CPC