Looking for Traffic, Android and iOS

Hello Everybody,

I am looking for traffic for a few mobile offers that my company has running. We have about 15 new campaigns in 4 countries currently and we need developers to partner with us to help us fulfill the traffic requirements. The campaigns run using the CPM model and they all have pretty good bids. Here are the details:

1.) Australia, CPM $1.6 - Android/iOS traffic need.
2.) Korea Republic, CPM $0.90, Android/iOS traffic
3.) France, CPM $0.60, Android/iOS needed
4.) US - iOS only CPM $1
5.) US, CPM $1 and $1.05, Both Android and iOS
6.) South Africa, CPM $0.6, Android and iOS

This is a big opportunity for any developer who has good traffic in those regions. Large amounts of traffic required. Looking for long-term partners.

Serious devs only, if you are going to criticize me about being new here and not knowing me or my company, do not comment. If interested, add me on Skype: akeno.barrett or send me a message. I’ll follow-up.

For your reference our company: https://www.mkmob.com


the ecpms are not really good - apo deal is offering much more better ecpm!