Looking for rewarded ads or incent allowed

Looking for ad networks what allows incent ads. I want to reward my users with coins after watching video or interstitial.

Hey ramzixp! Have you considered Adscend Media? I might be biased, but I think we are the best for incentivized offer walls. We offer weekly pay terms, an integration bonus, and we provide over 2,000 offers at any given time. We also have exclusive market research surveys in our offer wall, which will significantly boost your earnings and we provide phenomenal support to you and your users.

As for rewarded video, we are not quite there yet. We will be very soon, though. In the mean time, you should check out Vungle, UnityAds, or Chartboost for rewarded video.

Please PM me or add me on Skype (ilyssa.adscend) with any questions you might have!