looking for good ad network

hello,everyone ,I am new in android development,now I want benefit from my apps,do you know which is better?and could you give the detail?

I suggest you read the threads on this forum. There isn’t a “best ad network”. It depends on what kind of app you have and how you want to monetize.

hi, i am bob from China , i am new in here too, i didnt understand ur answer. could u help to tell me which threads have the details?

Look inside the Advertising Networks subforum, you will find lots of answers there. This forum has a lot of useful info, take your time and read a lot and then ask questions if you have any.

Hi @luna and @bob have a good time on MakingMoneywithAndroid! I think this thread is in wrong section, but like avradu1984 said first you have to read something about some ad networks! This forum is great to get some info about them! Also you can find some people which are connected to particular ad network! But i will give you advice that important thing is where do come from your users! And then find best ad network for you! Best ad network will be this one which have advertisments matching to your users country!

I am having very good results with airpush making $150-$250 a day with them for apps outside of google play, they are even better for google play.

thanks very much woody…u are nice guy. not all understand but eventually i will find out. Tks

use Admob it pays well enough.