Looking for devs from Germany


Is there someone from Germany? I need access to Germany Google Play store to check what’s going on with my ratings in this country.


On the web url of the app/game add “&hl=de” and u will hit germany store


Actually I also change language in my phone so I was able to check other google play stores :slight_smile: So simple…
Because VPN methods etc. won’t work in my case.

Generally I see some 1 star ratings from weird named people. My dev console shows that version of the app downloaded by those people is “unknown”. I’m afraid that someone starts to flood me with fake reviews.

I looked at your store entry:

  1. Yes you have a lot one and two star reviews from odd people. And if I click on some of these people, I see an empty Google Plus Profile and something like 20 reviews of other Android Games. Most of them are 5star only yours is one star???
  2. You have one german review with text: Scheisse Ich finds kake das man so hoch springen kann da macht es gakein spaß weil man dann ganz leicht zum ziel findet
    Do I need to translate? Besides the spelling mistakes, he complains about the ability of jumping high, because then he can see the complet map.
  3. Did you use Google Translate? Your description sounds a little odd :=)

All over, yes I agree, it looks like someone is destroying your ratings, but I am not sure if that is a german thing.

Good luck.

Of course I realize about weak points on my game, like google translated description etc. :wink:

If I receive 1 star with comment, then I can see what’s wrong with my app etc. and this is fair.
But I started to wonder when I saw huge rating drop only in Germany (from about 8 August). Most of reviews from all countries more or less are equal (about 3,8-4,2).

About point 1. - I see that some users rated almost all games with 1 star.

I’m also wondering why I can’t see device type below user name.

Not sure about that: I am having a hard time installing your App on my Nexus 4 (the device is set to German). When I try to install the App, I get an error that I don’t have enough memory. First I didn’t think it is important, because my phone was actually low on memory. But now I cleared out my phone and I still get the same error. The interesting part is, even, I didn’t install your app, I could rate it (also one star if I would have been annoyed).

My Nexus 7 actually is set to US English and I don’t have the installation issue. I didn’t look into that in detail but perhaps you could try to rebuild and republish?

Thank you for the interesting in my case.
Game takes 26MB to download, after installing it’s 44MB, so maybe that’s why…

Yes - you can rate app even during download. In my opinion it’s a weak point of rating system.

In statistics I see rating drop on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (golden). I remember that Unity3d devs some time ago were complaining about some issue on this device.
Or just some guy is using one phone to put bad reviews :slight_smile:

Well, I would say why don’t you change your present country over the gmail account to Germany. Once you changed it up then open up the Google PlayStore, I guess now you can track your progress over the German PlayStore.