Looking for Beta Testers for Offercast™ Mobile

Hi Everyone

We’ve just opened a Beta for Offercast™ Mobile —a new mobile advertising platform that enables Android app developers to monetize their apps.

The Beta will enable a limited number of developers (Android app and US developers only for now) to test some of the innovative mobile ad units we’ve been working on—and allow you to generate revenue—during our pre-launch period.

So, if you’re an Android app developer with an active user base, and you’re interested in seeing how Offercast Mobile can work for you, please register for our Beta here.

As a bit of background, Offercast Mobile is a mobile ad network primarily targeted to the Android platform. It is backed by Ask Partner Network, an IACcompany, the leading provider of online custom search applications and monetization solutions. We’ve been developing the mobile platform for the past few months and would love for you to join the Beta. FYI, we’re planning a full launch early next year when we’ll have even more ad units.

Hurry, space is limited!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post :slight_smile:

You’re offering surprisingly little info, considering you’re expecting developers here to sign up.

For starters, your search homepage: what’s the payment model there? PPD? And what are your rates for the beta test?

Cant not sign up : error : “It appears that the company already exists. Check for misspellings or contact your admin. - See more at: https://www.offercastmobile.com/join.html?type=1#sthash.wQRmFjVF.dpuf

Thanks for your question. We are offering a bounty per successfully installed browser hp. Our payouts are shown in the site and available once the developer joins the beta.

Hi there, please PM me or reply with the name of the company you entered and I’ll have someone look into it. thanks!

Couldn’t find any information on payout besides the basic info on appwall, search homepage (startapp like) and exit wall.

There are no clear payouts information on the site and I fail to understand why you can’t share this basic information in your first post. Neverthless, looking at the overall history of Ask.com, I am very skeptical.

You first had a PPC platform which you later sold to infolinks and stopped running your own PPC ads and became a google search partner. Your primary business is search business coming from ask.com toolbar which is primarily identified as malware/adware.

Please provide more info on your company and your relation with IAC.


We are offering a bounty per successfully installed browser homepage and a rev share for each app download installed. For now, payouts are shown on the Offercast Mobile site and are available once a developer joins.

In terms of who we are, Offercast Mobile is a new mobile ad network from Ask Partner Network (APN), an operating business of IAC. APN has been in the online space working closely with leading businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, across a number of industries such as Internet security, online gaming, and news and entertainment, to design and develop highly-targeted applications that extend services into the browser and enhance end-user experiences across the Web. APN is now moving into the mobile space with Offercast Mobile.

Hope this helps!

I can’t help but feel suspicious about the secrecy regarding your rates. Every other ad network is very public with their PPD rates, even in betas (AppGrade being the latest example), so why do you feel the need to withhold this information?

I only speak for myself here, but I’m not going to bother signing up if you’re unwilling to show me why I should pick your network for my apps.

Hi All

Just a reminder that we’ve launched our Beta for Offercast Mobile and we’d love for you to test us out and give us your feedback. At the moment, we have three ad units: 2 in-app options, App Wall and Exit Wall, as well as 1 out-of-app option, Search Homepage. We are offering a PPI payment model for app installs and a bounty per successfully installed browser home page.

Please check it out.


Hi All

We’ve had good response with our Beta so far and we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve already joined, please use the Contact Us feature in your Admin Panel. If you haven’t joined, I’d love to know what’s held you back. Please PM me or if you prefer, leave a response here. Feel free to let me know the good, bad and ugly so I can take it back to my product and management teams.

Thanks everyone!