Looking for Android developers /we payment by weekly and maximum $30/1000 new install

Hi there, i am mobile ad network and currently looking for android developers to add our sdk ,with weekly payout and maximum payment at $30 per 1000 new install ,mix at $10 . please contact me if any of u are interesting or any good suggestion .thanks a lot ! skype :fannie.fang00

Hello appwiz.

From China?

Is anybody tried and get payment ? Is this network could be old startapp ?

Old startapp? Startapp has always been and still is a very legit company.

I mean old rates . Especially PPD

Is anybody tried this network. What kind of ad should be seen ?

Hi yes we are in China , we are the only one domestic ad network facing global market .we already have rich experience in China market , this time we offer flexible payment terms , if u wanna try ,just contact me ,thanks

Hi , we have already get some developers tried since last week and got payment , what we can promise u is flexible payment and weekly payout .you will know it once u are in .and it seems u get some problem about get the key code during adding the SDK , maybe i can do a favor through on line talk ? or i can send u email about details .thanks

Hi ,welcome to try our network , we have push and smartwall ,u may choose run which per ur preference , most important ,we have flexible payment and timly payout by week . we are new facing global market while already get some developers join us since last week ,we believe our network should be with potential . please let me know if u have interesting ,or add my skype we can have a talk,fannie.fang00 , thanks

pay weekly? how much? above 50$ will pay weekly?

Hi, we payout by weekly and there is no limited about how much money , no matter $10 or $100 ,we promise all pay by week .

Does anyone use this network?

I think no one

but push ads are banned in playstore…

  1. same rates without push ads ?
  2. What other ads(or whatever) will be there?
  3. Can I add it in my game with unity engine?
  4. Is there a min threshold for weekly payment?
  5. Same rates for all countries or is 30$/1000 install only for the US?

Hi sorry for being delay reply . 1)payment : Smartwall outside only ,get $20 , smartwall inside only get $10
2)till now we only have push and smartwall
3)yes you can
4)we just set min payout at %50
5)we divide all the countries into 3 groups , for high is $30,normal is $20,low is $10 , I can also send u the 3 groups list
Please contact me at skype at :fannie.fang00 if you have further question .thanks a lot .

You guys had some issues with your SDK and I have removed it from my apps last week. Ad couldn’t be close with back button, so the user exits the app but the ad is still active. Did you resolved that issue?

Also, do you display your ads on lock screen? Cause when I have to test my app for the ads, I have to lock-unlock the screen. Weird.

Hey , yes we are just in process of updated it ,and it supposed to finish on Dec 4 , the updated sdk will meet both condition:1),close app , ad gone at same time ;2),lock-unlock is just the process to receive ad , while anyway we also change it . maybe you can add my skype ,I will inform you tomorrow when it finish updating then .thanks


OK. You are in my skype contacts. :wink: