Looking for adnetworks that Pay Weekly

Sup guys I am looking for adnetworks that pay weekly, and pay decent outside of google play like for Samsung, Opera, Amazon, etc

I already Know about Airpush and Mobvista, Just need to get a list of others.

Appnext pays weekly if you reach 2500$+ which is very high

@DroidGenie Try MobileCore They pay weekly.

Try mobileCore. weekly payment with $200 treshold :slight_smile:

do you still have to email them for new app ids or do they have a full working dashboard now?

Full working dashboard, updates throughout the day. They have guys on skype too which is good.

You test them on other android markets? Don’t have Google Play Right Now…My purchased accounts got suspended after 2-3 months.

No data fpr other markets I’m afraid. Maybe someone else can chime in?

Me, i’m mostly use mobilecore in samsung Apps Store and i have good result :wink:

What about amazon store and other third party websites like mobile9,zedge?do they support?

Wanted to know too. Did you get your answer?

Well, airpush/mobilecore that were mentioned already are pretty good. What are you looking for when you mention non-Play markets? Alternative Ad Units?