looking for ad nerwork for middle east ( Arabic country )

hello guys

i have apps for Arabic country(middle east) and i wanna ad network that good for them i can use it and i dont want (admob , startapp)

and not CPI type.


Hello @LastSoul,
Where are you from? why not AdMob?
I’m from Egypt , Arabic is my native language.

I think the Arabian market is very poor in monetizing. I have an app that made 14.65$ earnings all Arabian countries got me only 0.57$ from them.
I’m using Admob.
This is my app it has 4.44 rating without any cheat reviews or ratings, most ratings was 5 stars as you can see.

it’s available in 3 languages : English - Spanish - Arabic

Downloads ordered by language

Spanich 35%
English 6.77%
Arabic 5.5%
and the rest for other languages

Hi LastSoul,

I’m currently working for a company named AdBuddiz, and we have some good CPM campaigns available right now in the Middle East.

Is there a reason you are not looking for ads on CPI basis? From my experience, CPI campaigns can drive very high eCPMs for developers and combined with our CPM campaigns, you would have a better chance of maximizing your total revenues :slight_smile:

hello Clara Lambert

i think my users wont install app from ads.

and AdBuddiz accept app that not in GP ?

Why do you think so exactly?

Based on our experience, a mixed model of CPI and CPM campaigns works very well.

Technically, you can use our SDK on other stores but the installs won’t count unless your users have access to the Playstore or App Store (once they click on the ad, it will re-direct the user to these 2 stores).

I hope I answered your questions.