Looking for a new ad network

I’ve been banned (I don’t know why) from Admob, so I am looking for a new advertising platform.

I don’t like push ads, or all kind of ads that appears on the notification bar. With admob I’ve been using only banners ads, so I would like to use the same ads, maybe I will use interstitial ads.

I have checked thist list:
Ad networks - Android library statistics | AppBrain.com

and I am suffering an information overload in my head…

Could someone recommend me an ad network, commonly used with good results? I am only looking for simple banners ads or interstitical…paid per clicks or views…


For banners or interstitials i’d recommend Admob (although CPM is poor typically), MM or Airpush.

For interstitials, I’ve had great results recently with TapContext. Seem to be paying a lot more than the other networks for this particular ad format. They advertise mainly system utilities at the moment (virus scan, memory cleaner, photo backups, etc.) Historically I’ve also used LeadBolt (App Wall), Airpush (Smartwall) and SendDroid (Interstitials, Alert Ads).

Overall I would also recommend the “App Wall” type solutions. They seem to be the best performers for me (apart from push notifications & icon drops). I believe AppBrain and Airpush now both offer banner ads, and these networks also have interstitial/app wall solutions. AppBrain’s exit ads have been very reliable. There are tons of other networks with these formats as well - it’s a good idea to use a mediation platform so you can allocate traffic more easily. AdMob and MoPub are the two main options for this.

Inner-active are another company I’ve used before. They take all the effort out of mediation for you by doing it server-side. So you get about 120 ad networks by integrating a single SDK. I don’t have much recent experience with Inner-active, but could be worth a look. They offer banners and interstitials, and also let you choose which networks your traffic is allocated to.

If you’re happy to try upcoming networks:
mobileCore has a very interesting “Slider” SDK which I’m keen to try out when I get a chance. It looks like something that could improve app ratings and discovery, as well as monetization.
AppNext focuses on interstitials and gaming apps. Another network I’ll be trying out soon.

So what ad network developer can earn money like AdMob? ( user click banner developer ear money)

Which of them are networks to show banners or interstitials? Maybe I’m wrong but they all seem to offer push notification ads on the notification bar, icons on the desktop, etc. I don’t like this kind of ads, only looking for banners…maybe could I use this networks but only for showing banners or is my obligation to use also push notificacions ads?


Off the top of my head, here are the formats you’ve got available:

TapContext - two formats: push notification, and interstitial.
LeadBolt - pretty much every format out there (banners, interstitials, app walls, audio, icon drops, push notifications, etc.) I just use the App Wall (HTML) as an interstitial.
Airpush - push notification, “smart wall” (app wall / alert dialog), banners.
AppBrain - app wall, banners.
MoPub - banners, interstitials.
Inner-active - banners, interstitials, video, rich media.
mobileCore - app wall, interstitials, icon, slider.
AppNext - interstitials.

I might have missed some. But as you can see, there are a lot of options for banners and interstitials. And some of the new formats (like the slider) might not be as intrusive as push notifications or icons.

And as far as I know, none of these networks require you to use push notifications. They are available, but you can easily choose to just use banners if you like.

hi guys, are every banner ads pay per click?

Without doing the obvious (which is recommending the company I work for) - I would try, at least for a little while, to test only interstitials in your app. It will not only increase engagement, but would much less irritate your users. Keeping it clean had a long lasting influence on ad revenue and CPM.

You may be better off without AdMob, actually. For banners or interstitials, your best bet is Millennial Media and/or Airpush - which I’d pick over AdMob any day.

I am using Appflood, their backend is the best I’ve ever seen. I can see every running advertisers and bid price of them.