Lockscreen Apps and Ads

Sup guys I am wanting to ask if it is safe to Use ads on Lockscreen for lockscreen apps I make. I would think so since the lockscreen is my App and they ads stay on the lockscreen and dont go outside the lockscreen at all. Also a lot of people use widdit lockscreen ads for thier apps on google and they show ads on thier lockscreen. it’s not like im showing ads on stock lockscreen I am showing them on my Lockscreen. Do you think it is safe? My lock screen is simple with easy slide to unlock and user can also hit home button to unlock as well.

i amnot sure this ok
may be google ban

Anyone Else have any input here?

I have been wondering the same and still I am not sure, so for now I pass on it.

Hi there Droidgenie, I suggest you read this entry by our compliance officer.

We have developers using HomeBase to monetize their apps with ease for over two years now. We are also featured on ads2apk which I know keeps it clean with Google.

It’s very simple - user downloads an app with the SDK on it and needs to confirm the EULA - no confirmation, no lockscreen. We have also taken off many permissions that were asked prior to enhance user experience and added much more content as well as a better UI.

If the user is disinterested in the lockscreen, he can remove it easily by disabling it through the settings.

As to the monetization itself - it’s premium sponsored content, not ads - no banners, no interstitials - nothing.

You can check the lockscreen here.

If you have anymore questions, please PM me.



@DroidGenie Its not compliant to show ads on lockscreen eventhough it’s not a stock lockscreen.Most of devs here know Mobario and i couldn’t forget them though because of the experience i had.I used to make lock screen apps and my lock screen had 682k+ downloads and few others 300k+ downloads i added mobario to my lockscreen app and yes they show on top of my lock screen app and one fine day i lost nearly 26-30 lockscreen apps including successful lock screens because of that.Since then i have never been back on track :frowning:

So my answer is no. All you could do is add a setting screen and launch screen activity and show ads on it but not on lock screen.

Yeah I been burned by adnetworks before in the past because they could not update sdk fast enough and by time they update sdk to be compliant you only have like 7 days left to update like 100’s of apps. It was a very SAD SAD Day when Wackiapps went down as our top app was getting 25,000+ daily installs and was making like $300 a day. Top app had over 3.5 million installs and was growing at a rapid rate was a nice piggy back app to promote new apps as well, Using that app i can promote a new app to get 50-100k installs in first 30 days and shoot it up to top 5 new live wallpapers section. We were on the CUSP of growing our revenue and app installs when down came the hammer. BAM ALL OVER. I struggled for almost a year after that then finally slowly got back up to decent revenue but still not quite as good yet as before still trying. I was even Offered $15,000 for my Top app which I refused.

$15000 ? that was a good offer :slight_smile:

Not when you already made like $20,000 from it and continuing to get like $250-$350 a day in revenue from it and lets not forget nice piggy back app to promote new apps in.