Localization app contents

How to localize app content in Eclipse?
I want to localize some strings and app logo.

If i make a new folder in RES, say “Drawable-India”, should i copy all of graphics in drawable folder or just the logo that i want to translate?


You only need to make copies of the files that are changed. If it first doesn’t find the image in the “res/india” folder it will load the one from “res/drawable”

This also goes for strings. If there are any words you don’t want to translate, it will load the strings from the strings language file in “res/values”

Well, if I get my hands over here an started explaining it from the scratch its going to take a bit more time than it sounds, and to answer your question I guess this can be done by taking a little help from Developer section “https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/localization.html

ok thanks guys…

i get the general idea, so they will search for localize content first and if not found they will use the default.
so i don’t need to have every piece of the files copied, just the one i want to translate.

Correct, that’s the way I’ve found it works.