Little Dragon Heroes World Sim

Little dragon heroes is a new fantasy, adventure game (simulator). You play as a little, cute, beautiful dragon, who has to complete different quests. For example you have to collect coins and mushrooms, fire tens and houses, knock master hunter minions, fly through circles, shoot down ballons with fire balls or breath of fire. There are 11 different island levels with castles. Half of them are fly levels and other half is walking / running levels. You can pick from 5 variants of dragons and huge variety of eye shapes and colors. After you finish a level, you recieve gold based on how well you perform during level. You can also opt-in to recieve a legendary bonus after you watch a reward ad to strenght your gold account and help you in combat. Become a true, magical, epic, dragon legend / hero. Play single player like a boss or lord and enjoy the dragon story. Rise your little dragon from egg to strong slayer / warrior. Tell friends about this game and make a strong fury clan in your village, school or city.

  • 11 different mania levels with world that is made of stone mountain islands and land of cities nad hills
  • 5 dragon monster skin themes ( Hatch, raise, and breed )
  • Huge variety of eye colors and shapes to train and modify
  • Many hours of online fun
  • Smooth controls and amazing visual magic effects
  • High quality 3D battlefield scenery
  • Threat your war battle dragon is a My dragon pet
  • Gameplay suitable for many age and skill groups