Linking Google Analytics to Google Play

Google has just enabled integration between Google Analytics and Google Play: Improved App Insight by Linking Google Analytics with Google Play | Android Developers Blog

In Google Analytics, you’ll get a new report highlighting which campaigns are driving the most views, installs, and new users in Google Play. In the Developer Console, you’ll get new app stats that let you easily see your app’s engagement based on Analytics data.

So it looks like they still don’t tell you anything about which search terms people use to find your app. But now it’s possible to see how many people view your Play Store page, and how many of these views convert into actual installs.

What do you think of the new integration? Have you got it working for your app? Is the new information useful?

Now you can integrate Google play with goggle analytics just go to create new account in mobile apps in Google analytics.
For this you just have to download Google analytics SDK.

I haven’t linked them yet - using the golden principle that the FEWER Google things you link to each other, the better it is for the world (!).

Or in less dramatic terms - given things may not work as expected in initial incarnation, not wanting to risk what works not working - so maybe try it later.

BTW, the explanation I gave in another thread of using the INSTALL_REFERRER with AppBrain - either that is not working or what - since I have not seen any referral info for installs coming from House Ads - so still unclear about how that should be fixed.