Less downloads in August?

Hi, i have started just 3 months ago, so this is my first summer as an aspiring developer and i am not sure this is a normal phenomenon or if i have to get worried.

My first game, that launched in May, has gone decently well for the whole time with a mean of 200-300 new daily downloads…until last week…after reaching a new peak of 290 downloads on the 8th of August, all of a sudden it started to go worst and worst every day with no reason, reaching its lowest point since launch with just 140 downloads.

According to Appannie i am still ranked in the same positions for various keywords, so it should mean that i have not fallen down in the ranking itself and have lost visibility…now, i know that usually people in Auguast tend to go out and play less (it is a normal trend in online PC games to see less people online during summer) but i am not sure it is something that happens also to the android market.

So, TLDR, is it normal to see a decrease in daily downloads/users in August (especially in these two central weeks?) or should i get worried that, for some reason, my game is doomed?

Its probably to do with a few factors, which may be hard to determine unfortunately.
Have you also checked your rankings in different countries for the relevant categories?
Have you had an influx of bad reviews lately?

In any case, I doubt the game is “doomed”. Plenty of my apps/games have dipped in downloads at some point, only to rise even higher than before at another point :slight_smile:
Do your best to understand what is actually going on and try to remember that this is an ever-changing industry that moves quickly. Things are always changing!

Thank you for your answer…so i guess it is not a common problem for everyone and it is probably not related to August.

What i find unexplainable is that it happened all of a sudden and after 3 consecutive days in which it was growing in numbers, closing to 300 daily downloads…then the days after 250-200-180-160-140 (and today it seem to go even worst).

This “phenomenon” seems to happen roughly every month, but in the previous months i had it go on for just 2-3 bad days and then it recovered…now it is going on for longer and it is lasting longer too.

I find it strange that every month, around the 13-15th i have 2-3 days of grow with the highest downloads in a while and then they are always followed by 2-3 days of fall.

As far as your question go…no i am not that high to be ranked anywhere sadly (i guess 200-300 downloads a day are definitely not enough to get in the top 1000-500 since there are so many apps) so i don’t know…but according to appannie the suggested keywords that give the best result for the game have barely changed since “the fall”, so it seems i am more or less in the same position in the store as before.
The reviews…nope, it doesn’t seem i have anything different here too…some 5 stars, some 4, some 2 and 1…but the final score is stable so they are more or less the same as they have been in the last weeks/months too.

This is what is worrying me, seeing such a decrease for no apparent reason :frowning:

People went on vacation :slight_smile: who knows.

I am not sure, but downloads are generally higher in winter and lower in summer. So there’s nothing to worry about.

*It’s nice you have 250ish downloads per day, when I only get 60 maximum per day :frowning: