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Leadbolt + Startapp ? Too much?

Hello , I wanted to ask.

If I want to use both networks.And in Leadbolt I want to use Icon ad (which appears in home screen) and Startapp has also a Search button in home screen.

Is this too much?Of course users can delete them.


It depends.
If you have a good enough content go with both.
I have startapp&airpush&admob in most apps.
In really small apps with 1 simple activity I don’t use airpush cos I don’t want two EULAs for something like that.
But if your strategy is to get lot of users that launches app only once then uninstall it then I will go with both cos you will get at start good money from every single user and don’t more care for retention.

@ufoq so…as you said, if I want to keep the retention, it’s better do not do the both?

Yes. The more aggressive you are with ads, the worse your user retention will be.

Of course there are other consequences too, like worse ratings.

If your aim is retention use something what doesn’t add lot of icons on first start. Use app walls on start (from second app launch to not scare user) / on exit or something else what benefits from returning users.

Ok, I think I may leave out the Icon ads from Leadbolt and leave the notification ads and startapp ads.

I use both in my apps. It’s not too bad. I wouldn’t use both icon ads, but I’d combine push notifications with StartApp’s icon ads instead.

Ok, thank you.