LeadBolt eCPM $0.00??

I have 2 apps that use LeadBolt’s HTML offer wall. One of them is doing ok, but the other one that I just release is getting these results:

Today. 8/2/2013:

52 Views/Impressions 8 Clicks ECPM $0.00 Revenue $0.00

Yesterday, 81/2013
131 Views/Impressions 20 Clicks ECPM $0.00 Revenue $0.00

And I noticed some days before, but I thought it was just because I just releases the app.

I read here of varying eCPMs but not $0.00:

I thought I read a while ago on here about this, but I couldn’t find it. Anybody else have this happen? What the heck?

My guess is it’s CPI not CPC, I’m having the same issue with much larger volumes. I talked to my AM some time ago and he said they have CPC CPI CPA etc

CPI Based networks can have 0eCPM if volume is low someday. 52 views can easily result in 0 eCPM if none of the 52 people installed.

Yep it’s CPI… Was thinking otherwise for some reason.

This is not a surprise for me. Have already faced $0.00 from Leadbolt after sending them good amount of traffic.

that is because most offers across all networks are CPI. The bigger ad networks payout on CPC.

wait, and increase your views/ impressions during 2 days you will get change of your ecpm begin on your dashboard !