Leadbolt AppWall - 0 revenue for 3 days

Is sth happening with reporting? Leadbolt AppWall is showing ads yet my revenue is $0 for 3 consecutive days now. Normally I have $2-$4 only becuase I use it only in a small app, but the app still has users and downloads, ads are showing properly too.

Leadbolt HTML AppWall revenue has halved over a period of a month (lower eCPM etc.).

So the whole Google payment system is crashing down (unless one does the App Icon and push stuff - and even that who knows how long that lasts).

Basically every developer needs to spend 50% of their time just juggling or keeping up with the “this month” monetization strategy - that is an incredible amount of wasted effort (which could be used making apps better or something).

Even push advertising and icon ads work - but do not look like long term sustainable models.

This creates a “Wild West Frontier” environment to the Android market - which Google execs probably love - however this could change if developers start exiting the Android business in droves - all it will take is a hit that takes down revenues to half of what they are. The big earners will still survive - however it will kill of the “Long Tail” that Google is so fond of capitalizing on in search and other places.

That is not to say the Apple App Store is any different - by all accounts that may suffer from “app discovery” issues of it’s own - with many developers reporting not being findable (thanks to newer App Store designs that show bigger graphics etc.).

However revenues even from AppWalls are double what they are on Android - though supposedly that can be compensated by the bigger (and possibly much bigger in the future) market for Android.

try Appbrain. I had experience with Leadbolt Banner ads and it was awful… however for some other people their wall works well…

Their eCPM sucks, their fillrate sucks (and they don’t show it to you) and recently as you say, you get $0 revenue despite having lots of impressions.

I’ll switch to sth else. MMedia was offering me interstitials , I wonder what their numbers are.

I haven’t tried Leadbolt nor the mMedia interstitials.

Although AppBrain’s interstitials are pretty consistent and pay well, I traded it in for the Airpush Smartwall. It seems to pay better because there are also affiliate advertisers on Airpush that love this ad unit, and it’s not just app installs.