Leabolt Payments????

Did anyone get thier Leadbolt Payments for this month?

They usually send out on the 14th it is now the 17th and no payment here. The account details says payments were issued on the 15th, but I still have not recieved my payments yet. I have 2 accounts and my wife has 1 and none of them got paid. Supposed to be through paypal, This is the first time in 3 years I had issued being paid from leadbolt so not sure what is going on with them.

Same here. The account info says it’s been paid on 15th, but haven’t received anything on my paypal.
I contacted them a few hours ago, no reply by now. And for me, is also the first time I had a delayed payment in the last 2 years and half.

Shit me too, leadbolt is going down the road these day.

Better to switch to other network. [emoji27]

I left leadbolt but still have $250 dollars to cash out. Really hope nothing serious happened.

Leadbolt is horrible. They are old news and are seriously going under fast. STAY AWAY from them!

Switched to MobileCore and now get double the revenue that LeadBolt gave me most of the time!

Any news about payment?

Got paid on 18th

Maybe you can try other network,such as Mobvista

See! Told you. Nice call! I keep Admob and Notify in my apps as well in order to diversify and control my risk. Both are killing it for me. Mobilecore has been up and down for me but it remains in my waterfall because its above par.

Seriously? 6,500 impressions for the past few days and $0.00 earnings I dont think so.

Really?You can give me your account and I’ll check it

Try Appodeal, it’s a brand new network with immediate payments.

However it only supports Android interstitials at this moment.

[email protected]

I suggest you control the time when your app show ads,additionally you could try our latest SDK in which the CTR almost 35% and eCPM $3.

good luck