Last 2 days on admob = 50% drop in revenue

Anyone saw drastic drop in revenue for last 2 days on admob ??
CPC is as low as 0.07 and revenue is almost half than the average days.

We all know that starting from jan-march or so on is not so good for earnings. buts very very low.
please share yours.

Yes its low. Its lower by 25% (For almost every country) Compared to last year same days.
I think to fend of competition from FB and others, Google is reducing costs for Advertisers.

I’m not seeing much of a drop this year.
My average RPM:
November was $1.70
December was $1.91
January so far is $1.54

Unless you can talk to someone at Admob about your account’s performance then just stick it out until it improves, or try mediating your traffic between other networks.

Yeah I too Experinced the same drop