Knowing which apps to create

Hello all,

I have developed a few apps. Some are doing okay, some are not. I have some free time at the moment and would like to start working on a new one, but I am having trouble deciding what app to create.

I know this is the million dollar question and I don’t expect anyone to tell me exactly which app to create. I would like to know what process you follow in finding ideas for new (and hopefully successful) apps. I’m trying to find that thinking pattern that will allow me to see if an app will be successful before I even start on it.

Most of the apps that seem fun or interesting to create are already on the store. But creating an app that does something completely new will not get a lot of searches…

Looking for advice,

Create something people are already looking for.
If you want to develop something that already exists, try and do a better job/bring something new to the table.

Yes, exactly what A1ka1inE said.

Give the app a “twist”.

in thease days , even if ur idea brilliant , no one will see it cuz google play has millions of apps , and ur application will lost between those , some developers are making shi#$ apps and get to millions downloads fast , why its the marketing secret pal

Thanks guys.

Making something similar is a good way to go, I agree. The problem is that you’re then facing very stiff competition. Your new app will be up against an app that has been on the market a few years with a few million downloads… So should you try and aim for the search results? Basically sitting right next to that app but have a better icon and extra features?

one thing i do is check the trending apps. but it doesn’t work these days

One way to do it used to be to look at whats trending on iPhone, and copy over to android. thats not the case anymore!

Google Trends is a cool tool to use :wink:

Thanks for the tip on Google trends. I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

But if the people do not voice out what they look for, how do developers create something for them?
Because some people feel letting out the idea implies losing all future monies if the idea turns out to be indeed a great money making idea?
I believe this have been talked to death before. Idea is worth ? Implementation is worth ?
Depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on, you could be saying idea 10%, implementation 90%
or you could be saying idea 90%, implementation 10%

For businessman, it is more likely idea 90%, implementation 10% simply because they just engage others to do that 10%.

You’re over-thinking my statement. I was just giving the best advice I could with a tried and tested technique.

its more like 10% idea, 90% implementation, cause no one likes to work, thats why ideas fail.

Users don’t know what they want, they only think they know what they want.
Make something YOU would download and YOU would enjoy. The quality of your product is the most important, even if it’s an already existing idea.

Hi I do agree with what you say. Sometimes users have a vague idea of what they want.
It is only when an implemented app is for them to use and tried out would they gradually discover what they want.
Hence sometimes we developers should just release it and let them try and then get back to us.
If not this idea remain an idea with no progress moving forward.

Unfortunately, not all apps are built with such aim in mind. They are re-skin or re-hash and just released to earn quick bucks. If account is closed down, no problem. Just get someone (preferably new developer) register a new account to help you re-upload. Not to mention some threads asking developers to rate each other apps to boost their apps popularity all sorts of gimmicks. This just sort disrupt the whole google play eco-system. Ok this will be discussion for another time.