Keeping original English title in translations


I have a couple translations for my game description and title, but I’m wondering maybe I should keep the title original and sacrifice some keywords (“Crisp Bacon: Run Pig Run”), but kind of indicate to the user that application is not in his language (well, it’s a platformer game, not much to read inside of it). Plus, I get some more attention to the brand name - “Crisp Bacon”.

Another question, do you have an app with translated store description, but with English UI and did that received a lot of rage and negative reviews?


My game is called Run Alien. I translated description for all contries. About 10 are good translations, rest are google.translate. I didn’t translate the title and UI in game and don’t have many negative reviews. I don’t have many installs either;) The game is pretty fresh (less than 3 weeks)