just for curosity - how many accounts till now ?? :)

can you guys post how many accounts u have had till now.

i m 2 accounts old :slight_smile:

I think we should not post here. Google might be reading it.
Please remove this thread.

thanks for reply ,
even if google might be reading it ,how wud that matter.
i have seen a a few members publicly declaring their number of accounts here

I have only 1 so far.
Have string desire to open another one. But i am told that G will come to know and will close all the exusiting accounts as well :confused:

i started with 3rd account yesterday from same pc.same OS.app is live :slight_smile: but its not appearing in search results …only can be accessed from url

did you use the same keystore for the signatures?
Bank accounts and address are same for all your accounts?

different keystores and different cards-details i have pm’ed u.

Just curious, why do you need 2 or more GP accounts?

If the existing account gets banned ,u need a new account.

I understand if it get banned then you need to get one, but generally do people have 2 GP even if it is not banned?

yes ,to minimize the risk…if all apps in one account and the account gets banned then major revenue stops…

This what I’m starting to worry about. I still have one account.