jump in admob yesterday

anybody noticed a small jump in admob earnings yesterday?
the past 7 day were almost like steady and stable and getting around same earnings, but yesterday i got slighter better earnings and cpc , with almost same ctr

Hard to tell. I’ve noticed that they lowered their estimate for yesterday and it’s again very steady. But I’m using mediation which causes larger jumps in admob sometimes (when other networks have higher fill rate).

I find my revenue jumps 2x to 3x the weekly average on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s been pretty consistent like that for years.

Mine too, not 3x, but definite increase on the weekends.

It’s common to see increases in revenue on the weekends and ends of the months. In general campaigns that ad networks are running for ad agencies or brands look to finish a campaign on the weekend or have a blast in ad spends during the weekend since on average more people are out of work and enjoying the weekend.

Also campaigns have various pacing schedules meaning a campaign can spend a couple hundred dollars a day or so depending on what the advertiser wants; as the campaign is coming to a close the network may increase the pacing to a thousand dollars or so to make sure they spend the campaign in full.

Ad agencies work with various ad networks and if one network isn’t performing well for the advertiser, the advertiser will go to another network and ask them to run a quick two day blast campaign for them.