JotBlue Fast Note Taking (free)

JotBlue Fast Note Taking

Are you one of the millions of people who text themselves important notes?
Does it take you more than 5 seconds to record what you want to write?
Do you embarrassingly fumble to open up your note app?
Well you have found the fastest, easiest, most organized note taking app!
By entering one of the A,B,C’s before writing your note, your note will know exactly where to go.
For example:
-You want to quickly add bananas to your shopping list, you type “b(space) bananas”. Bananas have now joined the rest of the items in your shopping list.
-Want to remember to call Mike? Enter “c(space) Mike”. Mike is now in your “to call” list.
-Need to quickly write down a number/address? Type “n(space) 123… and the number goes into your number list.
3 Ways to enter your note into the Jot blue App:

  1. Text yourself. Yes! Send your own number the note and it will automatically go into the Jot blue app. Example: Text yourself “f garage door” and hit send.
  2. Enter your note into the widget. If you are entering one of the most common entries (Buy, Call, Number, List, ToDo), then you enter note into widget and hit one of the five. Example: Type “Bananas”, click “BUY” and hit the enter symbol.
  3. Enter your note straight into the Jot Blue App.
    All of the above methods will automatically send your note to the main App.
    Additional options currently available: Edit, Copy, Delete, Share, Export and Feedback.
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