Join the success - HomeBase monetization!

Hello guys!
I want to expose you to HomeBase again, the most profitable monetization for Android apps!
We are growing day by day and I want you to grow with us.

Here is a brief explanation about our SDK:

  1. Our SDK creates a custom lock screen and increases monetization and engagement for android apps.
  2. We pay for each active user per day - a lot more than any other SDK!!!
  3. We are going to pay you as long as your users have your app (they don’t have to use your app, just to have it).
  4. The biggest advantage – we are fully compliance with Google’s new policy.
  5. Unlike most SDKs, we are adding value to the end users (we don’t want them to be mad ;)), we give the users a very cool lock screen that makes their use more fun and interesting, we also give them an easy way to navigate inside their devices.
  6. They can add features according to their preferences and that makes their using experience better - it’s a win-win-win situation.
  7. The HomeBase works with all Android’s devices and versions.
  8. The SDK is fully customization so you have the option to add anything you think that can help you promote your apps or other things your users might love, your decision…
  9. Of course there is no problem to run it with other existing SDKs simultaneity (but there is no need, you’ll earn enoth with us!!).

You may see on YouTube what a great product HomeBase is:
HomeBase SDK - Customized Lock Screen For Android App Developers - YouTube

Our developers are really astonished by their revenue!!

Please feel free to contact me for anything, anytime, I’m here for you and I promise I’ll do evreything in order to help you generate the max revenue possible!!

Looking forward to see you start making some real money from your hard work!

Best regards,

[email protected], Skype: idan-widdit


Please fix the following issues first,

  1. Your SDK doesnt work on tablet devices which means all tablet devices are blocked on google play. Tablets can’t download our apps.
  2. Your reports dont work. Dashboard is broken.
  3. You don’t calculate Active users properly. Your system only counts like 35% of total active users means we never get paid for the rest of 65% users while you enjoy revenue from them.

I can go on and on but those are the most prominent issues with your network.

35% ? omg :frowning:

Tablets issue is a severe one
Their dashboard is running fine.
This point is also valid complaint. We have airpush counting less banner impressions. its ok if they need some money and time to grow but we need them to count all users eventually.

One extra nice to have feature is: Allow disabling widdit lock screen if the user doesn’t want it. Many users may be using some third party lock screens and wouldn’t want to be forced to use widdit (or at least wouldn’t want the trouble to reset their default lock screen)

Which permissions are you using ?

it can be disabled from the lockscreen settings

Last I checked, this is only accessible with 2.X era devices with a hardware menu button. Definitely something that should be fixed.

Any news about the issues above? Widdit fixed them?