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hello guys,

I’m an Indie developer. I have few developer friends from all over the world. everyone has same problem. with this competitive market big companies spends big bucks to advertise. It takes few thousands dollars to promote an app or game successfully. ( depends on your market) .No need to say how hard is to promote apps/ games for indie developers like us. No matter how creative you are. If you failed to advertise your app/game within first month of your app. your app will sink deep into app store ocean , where people can never find.

we decided to open a facebook group for marketing. any developer can post their apps/game links to the group. but first each developer should at least add 50+ friends from their Facebook account to this group.( add as much as friends you can ) If we all did this we all can promote our apps to a large audience without spending a single dollar , where big companies spends thousands of dollars to reach.