Is these possible nowaday with any ad network?

Earning very good money
from ads is now very
stressful than as it used to
be, and sometime i feel like
am not doing it right or it’s
just impossible. So is there anybody here that is
currently earning $6000+/
month? Cause i think it’s

there are many such examples available where dudes are earning even more than what you have stated. the main thing is investment if you can invest a huge amount than yes! you can consider earning huge returns :slight_smile: How much maximum did you earned in a single month? please tell us if you feel comfortable about it

What you think how much should invest to get how much return can u please tell me figure wise.

Zero, I have never earn a single penny, I dont know why, cant I earn alot without spending e.g self marketing?

It’s possible to earn much more than that, with a little bit of luck and ingenuity. Seeing as you haven’t made any money with apps yet, focus on making your first 10$/day first.

How easy is that for non-game apps.

That’s the wrong question to ask. It clearly depends on your programming experience, how good you are at ASO, how much you can spend on marketing, the competition, if your apps are any good, finding the right niche, and if you get lucky or not.

Make no mistake making big money with apps isnt easy - you are competing against people like me. But if you dedicate your time to it, focus, embrace failiure and never quit there is nothing in this world more rewarding. To me its certainly easier, though less certain, than working a job for someone else.

Pls what is so special about ASO, can you pls explain, cause to me it just using a very good app name, package name and description.

Naw buddy, learn to use Google.

I’m gonna tell you this right now - with the stupid questions you are asking you will NEVER earn good money with apps. Drop it NOW and pick up a part time job at McDonalds.

very funny

My bad, i googled b4 asking this question, i was not getting a very explanating answer, so i came here to ask sensible guys (which you arent among) for hints, only for me to be insulted. It takes nothing to explain little about what you know. I guess if every dude was like you, there woundn’t be any thing to google about.

Impossible unless you have 30+ viral apps.

Expect 1,000-2,000 to be the normal for success, most developers 99% earn less than $500 a month. I am struggling now to make $1500 a month so I also have to work full time in real life job working as a roadside assistance technician. I work out doors and I am on Call 24/7, when the phone rings I have to drop what im doing and leave to do what ever job Im supposed to do, Jumpstart, Lockout, Flat Tire Repair, Fuel Delivery, Tow.

Both Jobs are very stressful but gotta do what I can to make a living. It sucks changing a tire on side of highway with cars speeding past, You risk your life.

Your question is answered 100 of the time in this forum. I agree with you that Google search might have less answers as u asked. But try searching in this forum also.
Everyone is so special and asks this question first only. But whats special to reply the same if its been replied already in this forum.
So try little searching work and you will find many relevant threads i am sure.

Almost every 2nd or 3rd in this forum is making $7000+ per month.

Spend time on idea/programming/testing/quality/marketing and then you will learn that its not IMPOSSIBLE.

I am sure you would not feel the need to ask such questions after that.

Ofcourse its time taking process.
Shortcuts are only available in robbery/kidnapping/looting etc.

thanks man, you are such a life saver.

i feel your pain man and ì pray you get what u wanted. Maybe it’s time you up ur game.

500/month is 17$ a day, that is quite easy to get (I got that in under a month even before my apps had IAP, with admob only). Then scale.