Is these possible nowaday with any ad network?

Earning very good money from ads is now very stressful than as it used to be, and sometime i feel like am not doing it right or it’s just impossible. So is there anybody here that is currently earning $6000+/month? Cause i think it’s impossible.

pls i need ans cause am really confused

There are many who are making $6000+ per month here.
Why you think it’s impossible?

most of them are spammers, am sure not alot of people are making money producing quality/original apps.

I bet you are really confused.

First you said it’s impossible making that much money with fair way.

Then you are saying a few of them are making.

Well there are many developers are making decent money here. Now it depends what’s your defination of spam.
If you consider showing ads as spam,then yes many are spamming including me. If that spam works for you for long time, then it means that work has real quality and users are using it despite of ads. Hope you got clarified.

no i dont consider ads as spam, what i consider as spam is

  1. buying source online, do lil modification and spam multiple similar apps, making it difficult for people building from scratch to get noticed.
  2. Uploading crazy amount of apps to the store e.g 1 app/day.

Go for apps/games from scratch if you are looking to add more features and stability. It gives you the strength to deliver other quality work if it is written entirely by you from scratch. It might be slow,but stable and worth for sure.

Shortcuts often land in fire. Choice is yours.

Hi friend

I respect your point of view, but there are different situations in this case. For example, I think you would consider me as a spammer as I buy source code, change the theme / audience target and publish it again. I don’t make such ridiculous amount of one app a day, but I’m planning to start uploading 5 apps monthly, I think it’s a good number to start making some money and keep the quality of work. I don’t like to upload crappy apps. Second point, there are sooooo many niches and categories to explore in the app store, all of them yet uncovered for other apps. You would be really surprised how many positive reviews one of my reskin game got from mom’s and daddy’s telling me their kids loved my game. It’s really a great feeling, it’s not about the money all the time. So reskin games are a great way to cover niche markets that don’t have related apps yet. And you can make a lot of people happy because they don’t expect to find an app about that theme. Make a research about long tail markets in Google.

Good luck.

I am making between 10000 and 20000 dollars with my apps :slight_smile:
So it is NOT impossible!

Wow, I’m your fan man.
Could you tell is how many apps do you have? And what stores do you publish for? Google play only, or apple app store too? What type of apps do you develop? Are they reskins?

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I just do not understand why the fuc* people starts asking following things when they come to know that someone is earning enough amount of dollars.

What apps you develop?
What are their market links??

Do they really think that they will get an answer always?

Why the hell they do not make it first and learn the way it goes?

Is that a shortcut which noone knows?

Suspect your abilities and looking for some coke formula?

Nothing secret. Make anything which is worth and meets the quality. You can even make an app showing a cat shitting on dog provided good animation and logic is used. There are hell lot of ideas sufficient to make various types of apps and games.

Why is the hurry? Take time and learn complete flow. I get lots of PM asking how to make 100 dollars from one app in 1 week. What the hell. Where u going after one week?

You can always ask about development doubts rather than complete plot.

Fuc*ing irritating in this forum.
Please excuse my language with a beer in hand :beer::beer:

you need to have confidence. nothing is impossible with enough efforts. yeah, it may take a long time to have that success. but some of our developers also achieve that, they get $40 to $60 for every 1000 new installs. that means if they get 100k new installs, they can get $6000. and some of our developers can get +20K installs within a day. it’s possible:D:D

So I can tell now, it’s impossible :smiley: - more cash for me^^
…but seriously, without luck, house ads or CPI campaigns, you can now quit Google Play. This isn’t for fresh fishes now and it’s good.

it is possible as long as your app is popualr enough. You can cooperated with good ad network which pays for you as they promised. for example, you can cooperated with us incentmobi. we pay $40-$60 for every 1000 new installs, which is three times higher than traditional ad networks. and we pay for developers weekly. with our network, some developers can earn +$5000 per week. if you are interested, you can PM me.

damn straight!!!
Sorry guys for the dumb quesion, as of the time i asked, i was confused and scared like someone dumped on an unknown island. Thanks 4 ur time.