Is there something wrong with my ad network ??


I just started making apps and adding them to google play store since i heard stories about 10 000$/week …
I integrated airpush and startapp and i don’t know if there is something wrong with ad networks or i just need more downloads to my apps

With Airpush in I get these for my 9 days short exp :stuck_out_tongue:


With startapp i get this :


Do I need more downloads or network ads are not that good these days ?? or both of them ?!

Hi Cesear,

PM me the email address used for your Airpush account so I can take a look at your setup to help optimize your ads.

Airpush Nick

i just sent it check ur inboc

I think you are not optimizing ads.

and how to optimize ads ?
by the way most our downloads comes from MENA region .
How it suppose to generate 45 000 impression in airpush (i mean the range between x and y) and 60 000 in startapp

For StartApp I will recommend use splash Add and try adcolony video ads they are just awesome. check my thread here. Waooo AdColony - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

Thank you Ahmad for your answer im asking about optmizing airpush

If you target MENA region I recommended you to use Admob interstitial and Mobvista full page ads

Have you seen better results from others? Have you tested enough? Developers typically establish baseline so they know what the standard is for their users, app, geos, demographics, etc. By doing so, you can accurately gage which ad networks work well for you and your users. Ad optimization is key as well as someone else suggested in the thread.

this is my ads code in airpush

public void ads() {
	if (ma == null) {
		ma = new MA(TVActivity.this, this, true); // true - ads stored in
		MA.setOptinListener(this); // cache
		try {

			ma.showCachedAd(this, AdType.appwall);
			ma.showCachedAd(this, AdType.smartwall);
			AdView myadView = (AdView) findViewById(;

		} catch (Exception e) {


im calling this method in onCreat method after setContentView
im calling it in onStart,pause resume backkeypressed …
im using it in 3 activities
that app generate 5000 impression/day and 2$/day with 0.27 cpm
note im using only airpush in this app
please tell me if there is something wrong with it