Is there inside APK unique signature created by my eclipse? In keystore?

I had 2 apps on diffrent google play developer console accounts, they have completly different package names, signature keyfiles and any content. But when first app was banned my second app was banned too for Prior violations.

How Google Play can find those apps and detect that they are from one developer? Both apps where compiled on same PC in Eclipse and. I used different browser instances with Torr browser to upload each apk.

Is there some unique information (maybe PC name or HDD serial) inside APK?

Maybe in keystore file that i generate for signing apks?

I have noticed that if I create a whole new workspace (a copy and pasted version of the workspace of the app) my account is not banned and the app is accepted to Play. Can anyone confirm this?

It might be because of signkey. There must be some PC info hidden in those signkeys generated by Eclipse

I found this article that shows you how to list the key store contents. I will analyse the keystore files. Has anyone done this?

I have been looking into this. I have analysed the keystore content for duplicate information and looked at the META files in the .apk files for duplicate SHA-1 keys, nothing appears to be the same, so it cannot be that. I conclude that Google must be analysing the App description in the Google Play store for duplicate descriptions, this would make sense as their expertise is in this area.

Can anyone confirm this?