Is there hope for an app with 50 daily downloads?

I have a month old app that is getting 50 downloads / day without any form of advertisement. Is there a hope that the daily download will increase with time in GP? Secondly what initial number of download can an app get with advertisement in a month that can signify that the app will go on and do very well?

I don’t know if my questions have a direct answer but I will like to hear your view.

Is depends, if you haven’t done ASO yet, you should. On this forum there are lots of ways to improve you search rank. And for advertising: 5000 downloads per day will get your app in the top 10, for games it is 50000 downloads per day.

It depends on following factors.

  • Your App name
  • How precisely you have explained the Application usage to user
  • All your main features are covered on marketing screenshots or not
  • Multiple languages support
  • GUI is clean and supports multiple displays
  • Banner/Interstitial ads adjustment.

I too published my first App 24 days back and getting daily downloads between 2k-3k daily

I know it’s hard to do but I think you should forget about this app and develop a new one.

It is better use of your time developing a new and better app than trying to save a failure.

50 downloads is more than I get with some of my apps.

We can give you better answers if you show us the app :wink:

Concentrate on the aso and ranking different keywords.Beside that try to share in different social media time to time.

Some apps do improve in time actually. One of ours was getting 20 downloads a day and improved day by day for 2 months, now its getting 1500/day.

could any body give me advice if this game still get user? i’m new developer :
thank you all very much.
i’m thinking about the advise above

You need to learn these steps to get 50k app downloads only in 2 months.

Now, my app is getting between 600 - 100 downloads a day. Like BaksaiApps said, some app can pick up after initial low download rate.

Can you please share how you increase download from 20 to 1500?How you improve and what u improved?

I didnt do anything, just let it be and it grew on its own…

do you always update your application or never update it after publish and then the download up?

I think updates are related with the type of the app and bugs.
You should set updates if your app have bugs and you solved them or if it’s a game and you will in a progressive way add more levels. This way you retain your users and get higher chance to monetize.

Now if it’s an app without errors or a game that doesn’t need updates ( one click game for example ), I think you don’t need to update the app.

Well, in this particular case i updated the app a couple times during the first months, but then i left it on its own and downloads started to raise. I generally update the apps every now and then if i have a reason to do so