Is there any good banner ad network?

I tried many ad networks but didn’t satisfied any of them.
Here is the list of them: Admob, airpush, applovin, leadbolt, appbrain, wapstart, tapjoy, smaato, buzz, komlimedia, madnet, adfonic and etc.

What i want:

  • Simple banner
  • Good CPM (more than 0.4)
  • Good payment conditions and methods
  • Stability (many of them gives you high cpm in the first few days but that it drops down 3-5 times)
  • Antivirus threat (Some of them are flashed as virus. For example: leadbolt, airpush)
  • High fill rate

Is there exist any ad network with my requirements?

SendDroid now do banners and offer weekly payments if you hit over $100 a week. Not sure how well they do though.

Millennial Media offer competitive banners if you have some US traffic, but they are net60.