Is there any ad network which allows users to earn credit by downloading apps?

I would like to know any ad network which allows users to earn points in an app by downloading other apps.

These points can be used to unlock things inside an app ?

For e.g.
My app has 5 themes. I would ask user to download a few more apps to earn a few points and user could in turn use those points to unlock those themes.?
Is there any network for that?
And yes such a thing is totally possible and is google complaint.
There are many apps doing that on google store,just google it.
But i would like to know is there any sdk or any such thing for that?

Hi ankit662003,

Of course such a thing exists. Supersonic’s Offerwall and Rewarded Video gives your app users in-app virtual currency- exactly what you need. Supersonic is an app monetization and promotion platform with a lightweight SDK, free tracking and a fully self serve platform so you can manage your campaigns without needing an account manager!
If you’re interested in a promotion for new sign ups, PM me :slight_smile:

Good luck!