Is there any ad network that allows to pay my users for installing or clicking ads ?

I am confused that, is there any ad network that allows developers to pay their users for clicking ads or installing games/apps through developers advertisement.

In reward, users can earn commission or real money through PayPal or anything else.


I don’t think there is because AD networks are between advertisers (those who need real traffic for their ads) and developers/website owners etc(that want to monetize their traffic)…

For example an advertiser pays adwords 0.50$ for every click they receive in their ads, adsense will pay the developer that brings that click let’s say 0.30$… google will take 0.20$ and they are all happy if it was a real user interested in that ad offer. If it wasn’t intereseted in that ad offer and clicked just because the developer / website owner would reward him for that click, the Advertiser would not be happy because he have paid 0.50$ for a click by a NON interested person.

If it there isn’t already, you could create an ad platform that would make happy all which is downloading and giving 5 star rating, and then earn money, in this case developers will be the advertisers(because they want traffic to their apps), the developer(or owner) of that app will be the ad network, and the customers would be the developers that want to monetize their time.


But i have seen so many apps on play store that pays their users for installing apps through their ads & for completing free offers.

How they do it ?

Encouraging users to click on ads is definitely against google policies.
Publishers may not ask others to click their ads or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks. This includes, but is not limited to, offering compensation to users for viewing ads or performing searches, promising to raise money for third parties for such behavior or placing images next to individual ads.

There are however other networks who can help you with this incentivised model. As a developer, you can reward your user for downloading an app by giving him some form of virtual currency, unlock a level, some extra lives etc. But I dont think there are successful models which pay users actual money for clicking on ads.

An offer wall is a good example for this. Sponsorpay is an ad network that uses these kind of ad formats

you are talking about giving incentives to users for downloading apps. In other words you are talking about TapJoy here, thats the biggest incetivized download ad network out there.

Yes tapjoy… I’m using tapjoy to provide more sms to my users in my messaging app.

try looking at my app and see how it is implemented -

So,if i integrate tapjoy & share my revenue with my users.Will it work or google will ban it ?

What you are talking about is easier done with Tapjoy/GetJar (and some others also have similar “virtual currency” solutions).

Basically users download apps off an offerwall, and get credited coins for that which they can use to unlock features (like remove ads etc.) within your app.

Whenever they download an app - you earn cash.

Of these Tapjoy is the easiest/most organized one - with good SDK etc.

Problem is that it is hard to get people to go through that process - so for example I’ve seen that it earns about same as an interstitial-on-exit from AppBrain does - and is 1/10 or 1/20 of my admob banner + interstitial revenue.

But if you have great features to unlock it MIGHT move people to use it more.

I’m facing problem now with tapjoy. I’m heavily dependent with tapjoy because I don’t know that their ads get saturated after your users earned all the coins from the displayed ads . I think I need to change my strategy not to rely on coins before they can send sms to my app… hmmm