Is there a pay per action ad network or something similar?

Currently I want to expand my game and create actions like - “watch this video to get 100 coins”, or “download a game to get 1500 coins”, etc.

Do you know such a network that provides this? Showing a survey or a video ad, or an app download, but I need to know if the user completed the action, or not.

I think that you got my idea. :slight_smile:

Is there such ad network?

ya Adcolony and Unity ads can be used in exchange of user actions. Many popular games are doing that now a days. i think the biggest downside is adcolony is net60, not sure about unity video ads. Chartboost has also got video ads.

Hey @GelasoftDevs, what you are looking for is Pollfish.

A lot of our developer partners follow this approach by incentivizing their users to complete a survey in order to win virtual goodies. We have all the necessary listeners available for you to know when a survey is available/completed and how much you will earn from each survey.

Have a look at screenshots of an example from an app with Pollfish with similar behaviour:

I think this company recently got issue. First time I use it, any issue feedback is fast, now if I got issue, the response is very slow. Also they are not solving the issue. Not recommend to use it.