Is publishing Live Tv streaming app too tough?

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if I am asking any stupid question or not, as I didn’t find any place to get my answer so I am asking here, I would be so grateful to you guys If I get a clear answer. Ok now let me explain my situation I am facing now a days.

I see a lot of live tv streaming app on google play store containing a bunch of advertisement integrated there with thousands of ratings and reviews. Seeing that I decided to develop a live tv streaming app. So I started with a single television channel streaming link found from different website, but some days later google banned that app saying the reason:

“Intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior”

as I got the link from other website I consider myself that using others link was illegal. Then I have bought a tv channel live streaming service with permission notice. Then I have uploaded that app using a new developer account but WOW, this time they didn’t even give a chance to get published!! They removed it with the same reason

“Intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior”

they gave me a chance to fill-up a form if I think they did it by any error, I filled it. Also I provided the permission notice from the service provider with the valid invoice to prove that I own this service. The sadness is, they didn’t reinstate my app.

here is some info for you guys:

1.I have used vitamio standard edition library to play the streaming video.

  1. I have used a json from my server, parsing that json I actually used to get the actual streaming url.

  2. I had no other item that could break privacy law in my app.

Now my question is:

If after arranging all the valid, permitted materials google still bans my single channel Live tv application , then how those thousands channel containing apps are still there in play store? Where is my fault and what did I missed? Can anyone give me a solution? As I have bought the service spending a lot of money I don’t want to end it up with nothing.


Can anyOne reply? :frowning:

People I need for above question? I had also the same problem. Any thoughts?