is playing youtube videos in my application allowed or not ?

hii want to ask about this , i want to play videos from serveral channels from youtube in webview , is it allowed or not ?
thxin advance

hello my friend

I think not allowed, but I see app as you describe with over 50 k download

Its not allowed dude.

You app may be allowed in the beginning. But i have seen these apps suspended within few days.

Wow…this is news to me. I recently published an app that shows Youtube videos. Any reason why it is not allowed?

Because you don’t own the content. And its called stealing.

after i read some answers here i changed my code to use youtube api , i read their docs , they dont mind at all ,but what if i used their api to play illegal videos in youtube such as premier league goals , does this effect on my app
note: youtube always delete those kind of videos but sometimes their filters dont catch them

and if u call it stealing why they dont make it private , which will doesnt have ability to use in other application

Can we show youtube videos in our app provided those video are your own videos??

You can ask channel owner if they allow you to display video or not, even you use Youtube api, they can report and your app will ban. I have app that display youtube video live for 2 years, channel owner allow me to display their content through Youtube Api.