Is NAVER app store as good as it claims to be?


I got an email from them today and a small promo brochure. They have supposedly 37 million users and some of their successful apps have as much as 120.000 DL/day.

They want to feature one of my apps, but in the Agreement Form there are some points, that worry me:

  • I agree to allow NAVER Corporation to extract the above mobile app’s apk from Google Play and register the apk to NAVER Appstore
  • I agree to allow NAVER Corporation to update the above app in NAVER Appstore

I’d appreciate if someone could share their experience with them.


That sounds fine to me, they could do that anyway without your permission. Seems like it’s on the up and up. I mean it’s not like they say they’re going to inject your app with their ads.

That’s true. :slight_smile: I’ve asked them for more detailed explanations. I’ll let you know their reply.

Let us know how it works out for you. For the most part stores other than Google and Amazon seem rather shady to me. I kind of ball them up with publishers, which are just as like to steal your app than partner with you. But it would be nice if you could prove me wrong.

Will do. I authorized them today.

How is this one going for you?

Their AppStore is in Korean or Japanese language. Is there a English page for developers ?

Not happening much. You can safely ignore it.

Even with the feature? How many downloads have you had so far?

I wasn’t featured, so I don’t know how much that would help. So far I have less than 100 DL’s.