Is my Google Play title/description costing me downloads???

I released a new app 4 weeks ago and averaging less than 10 new downloads a day, on a GOOD day. I’m hoping that some of you can take a look at my Google Play page to see if my description is horrible, or my screenshots aren’t very interesting, or if my title isn’t catchy, etc. I haven’t really done any paid marketing yet, because I don’t want to waste money if I could improve things on my end first. I know that my app probably isn’t for everybody, but I’m hoping that some adjustments could cause a rise in downloads. I don’t want to try to explain what my app is, because I hope my description in Google Play does that. :wink:

I appreciate any feedback. I have been changing up my description and images, but that hasn’t seemed to make any difference.

My belief is that if you are not getting more than 100 daily downloads for an app then there is always something wrong and you would never be able to fulfill your dreams. Either we as developers should unpublish such apps (so as to focus on something better) or do something to reach above 100 daily downloads.

Some suggestions which should help you.

  1. At the end of description, add tags: Movie maker, video, <5-10 related keywords which are searched for in play store. Use the instant search suggestions)
  2. Do translate your app to as many languages as possible.
  3. Use some HTML to bold, italic, coloring the words in description
  4. Pixel Studio-Easy Video Maker!? What is that? Remove Pixel Studio. Better title I can think of is Easy Video/Movie maker

Your screenshots and video look awesome.

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely make those changes.

Do not add a list of keywords. It’s not allowed. Make them part of sentence, so it’s not a list.

Agree with this - so remove suggestion #1 - since Google does not like stuff like:

KW: abcd, efgh etc.
Keyword: abcd efgh etc.

As Magnesus suggests - try to figure the keywords into your Description. Repeating key keywords 4 times maybe. That said, I am not sure if that advice often repeated in blogs etc. is true now in the “post-Nov 4 era” - where some apps have seen declines, while others have risen somewhat.

You never know Google may decide tomorrow that mentioning some keyword TOO many times is an indication of rigging by developer as well … (probably not).

Use name of your app in description more times - for example instead of Features: use Easy Pixel Studio offers: etc. And don’t write too much - higher density of keywords = better.

Interesting - that is another thing one wonders of - whether filling the full 4000 characters for Description is better or shorter one gets better attention from Google Play.

So you have investigated this a bit and have a good feeling that there is something to that ?

Well, I think there are two views to consider - for user and for search engine.

User (most of them) won’t even read description. Is icon nice? I’ll click. Screenshots are interesting? I’ll give this app a try. But even if some user is going to read description, I’m sure there won’t be many of them who will read long descriptions, just a few first lines.

Search results - it’s just my opinion, I haven’t really tested it, but I made short description with good matched keywords and with almost no marketing and ads (it got over a milion downloads). I don’t know if it was mostly luck, but I’m going to go this way :slight_smile:

Description is not that visible in the store anyway. I found out for some of my apps it’s invisible (at least on tablet). Why? Because the release notes take all the space. So they are also VERY important. (I’ve learned that the wrong way - I copy pasted German translation to English field for release notes and downloads per day dropped down 80% until I realised what is wrong.)

I appreciate everyone’s help! I have changed the title of my app and made some adjustments to my description.By the end of the day, I had 35 new user downloads. That’s still not where I would like it to be, but way better than what is has been!

I would suggest you to make the screen shots tell a story rather that show the UI(which you can improve also)

Check this screen shot. It tells what the app does instead of UI. It wont help your rank directly,but good screens =good impression and retention.

I dont think your screenshots are very good at all, i hate those colors. You will need to spice it up in photoshop to get more conversions on your gplay listing

Do track your search rankings:
video maker with picture -------
video maker using images -------

Increase keyword density for above keywords. No one wants video maker with pixels. You can also add the feature to convert existing image to pixel effect and then create videos out of those modified images.

you talk like an aussie! :smiley:

Changing the title and description really made a difference. I had almost 50 new users today, which is way better than the 7 or so I was getting just a couple of days ago.

I guess the next step is to ditch my screenshots and try to create some images myself.

Thanks again for all of the help!

wow! that is (50-7/7)*100 = 614% increase. Congrats man. Just reach 100 downloads and at least I will consider your app as success. Less than 100 daily downloads won’t get you anywhere.
Now translate your in-app strings and app description using professionals/freelancer/friends and you should reach 100 daily downloads without any change in images. Consider change in images as an addition to 100 daily downloads. This should improve your rankings and hence more downloads, so this input from you will come back with many fold rewards.

Your question here is teaching many others reading this topic on how to improve downloads. All the best.

yea man, make small changes and chip away at growth little by little, next thing you know you double/triple your income