Is my game's Description correct? Will it get objection from Google?

Mentioned below is a description of a game of mine. Do you see any problem that google can have with it?

Hi Every One,

Story Of the game is as below . This is just an story to maintain the interest level of the game . Game follow the same story describe as below , it is Not a online championship.

I am Lili , Lili Aliza From india . I organized a car racing + Stunt championship ON MOBILE for all the fans of Racing Game Labs. Name of championship is “Monster Stunt X-rally”. You all are invited for Monster Stunt X-rally Championship, An amazing and dangerous championship on the Killer and thrilling Racing Track.
Participant Eligibility of the championship Are Below

  1. You must have a Monster Car.
  2. You must know driving monster car on Android Mobile Phone
  3. You must have dared for driving monster on thrilling and Killer racing track.

For supporting the contestant of Monster Stunt X-rally Championship interested members, I Lili from Racing Game Labs is providing one monster stunt car for every member absolutely free. There is no entry fee for the Championship. You just need to download “Monster Stunt X-rally” for the participation into the Championship.

***** Championship Target

You need to get the highest Rank in the leader board of the Monster Stunt X-rally by driving you monster car to the very long distance on the killer racing track . The racing track is very Dangerous Track. So it is not easy to drive. Once you become the participant of the championship you can see you rank in leader board

***** Championship Rule

In the Monster Stunt X-rally, Every time you start playing I ( Lili ,the Racing Manager ) will show you a current target , The participant has to achieve them to get new target by driving the monster car on killer track. Targets are based on getting score, Performing Flips, Collecting coins, Time based, Travel Distance in meter. You keep playing and you Achievement will be add in the your performance list. You can see the your Achievement in the Life time static . You can see your current position in the leader board.

***** Championship Achievement…

  1. Collect coins – Coins will help the participation to buy different Monster car . There are 5 different monster cars in the game, And I (Lili) will add more monster car in the game soon.

  2. Buy Tracks – To make the game more attractive I have added 5 different killer racing tracks in the game. Player can buy the Dangerous and thrilling racing track from coins.

****** Life time Achievement

Every time you play this racing game , Your performance and achievements are add to your previous performance. And you can see them in life time static
So what you are waiting for download Monster Stunt X-rally The racing game and take participation into the most thrilling championship


  1. Smooth control
  2. Clean Graphics
  3. Addictive game play
  4. Life time stats

Coming Soon

  1. More racing track
  2. More Monster Car
  3. Different type of stunt
  4. Enhancement on leader board

Please guide,
Thanks in advance

What Google think may not be the main problem. Firstly, the vast majority of people will not read past the first line, so make that first thing they see short and pertinent. Secondly, I found that telling kids what they need to do in the game is a complete waste of time…they just play and find out. So, leave most of it out. Your Google description needs to be a marketing tool and not an instruction manual.

More data description is a nice thing… Yes many will not even have a look at it… But it helps in ASO…

You have written this description just for ASO, I can clearly see that… But even if I want to read your description I am getting bored or irritated because of the content(sorry for being rude) … It gives me negative impression on the game quality without even playing it… Your description should encourage readers to read and should tempt users to play… :smiley: