Is mobilecore back to its normal state?

Hello friends,
Is mobilecore get back to its normal stage or still we are not getting paid due to their issue on V1 Sdk,.

I still met same issue. Ecpm too low. That’s terriable.

Maybe you guys didnt implement the new sdk properly my eCPM doubled to $3.69 on one account and my other account eCPM is $8.55 for the last 7 days, lost 2 days though when stats froze they never went back and fixed.

I am using the new SDK of promotion Dec and Jan.

We are earning good until this V1. I didn’t change anything in my ad placement except the way how to implement the SDKv1

My eCPM is down with v1.0 also. Gonna start moving traffic away from them if nothing is done about it.

I moved back to old SDK and my revenue starting to recover… I wish MC will go back to normal

Anyone have any luck with support, my ecpm is around 1.25, appnext is almost triple.