IS it POSSIBLE to integrate both GOOGLE PLAY PAYMENT and 3-PARTY PAYMENT into my app?

Hi guys!

I want to integrate these payments method into my apps, Is it violent the google play policy?

Thanks alot

It violate Google policy and you might got ban


Technically, it is still NOT a violation (unless they updated it).

Read the policy CAREFULLY. You can use 3rd party payment solutions for items that are NOT for sale on Google Play eg: clothing.

BUT YOU CANNOT use 3rd party for anything that could be sold through Google … eg: more gems/lives/etc for your game

I see… Thanks mind a lot… I think can I use a trick in my app… I will put to button into my app. One is google payment, another is my country payment… And when user tap one the second button they will see an instruction to make a payment manually by web broswer (I don’t integrate it into my app)? Is it possible

Thanks BaksaiApps… This will reduce my revenue a lot :frowning:

Thanks hackformore. So We can only use google payment for item in apps. Is it right?

Google does not care that they don’t accept payments in those countries… your choices are:

  1. anything Google can do, you need to use Google services for. If Google does not support your country, bad luck. There is NO EXCEPTION for this case in the policy document.
  2. Physical goods that are used outside the app (eg: clothing or songs) can be sold using another payment system.


Nope you can’t as it will violate the Google Play guidelines and it will make you kicked out from the Google PlayStore.

I am still not sure if it violate google play policy or not there are some apps on play store like DroidVpn where they don’t use google play payment system instead they use paypal and perfectmoney