Is it possible to Create a Voice Autoresponder App ?

Is it possible to write an Android “application” that automatically (or manually on custom lock screen) responses the incoming phone call with the pre-recorded voice sound?

If Possible, How?

If Not, Why ?

You would be able to process the call but not to transmit audio. So, with the current API I don’t think it’s possible

It is not possible to intercept and change the call uplick during the call ,

I wonder if it would be possible using something like Twilio.

Consider this:
Twilio is set to be used as the user’s voicemail system (in the same way that Google voice could be set to be a user’s voicemail)
Caller calls in, user selects an option for which greeting that Twilio should play for that caller, and when the user gets to voicemail, they hear the customized greeting.

This obviously depends on the user being able to select the greeting option before the caller is sent to voicemail, and that’s highly dependent on the internet connection, but it’s an idea. The other option would be to allow the user to have Twilio call the caller back with a pre-recorded message - “Hey, I’m in a meeting, but I’ll call you back shortly.”

It is not possible to intercept and change the call uplick during the call. but at times, especially while driving, when one is just too busy to be taking calls or replying to text messages, there are several Android apps on the market that can cover for you. However, not all apps from said category auto reply to both text messages and calls and not all of them add, edit and delete custom auto-texts. More importantly, not all of them are free.

Well, that seems more like a tricky question but I don’t think that would be possible for because developing an independent app which can respond… anyway I have tried looking for some… hmmm… I guess I may change my answer as I think that may be fulfilled need to have a deeper look over it ! :confused: