Is it ok to show admob video ads when other networks have no fill for rewarded ads?

Who knows , is it Ok for admob to show video ads or interstitial when there is no available rewarded video ads in other networks.
Does it violates admob policy or not .
Also can you suggest good network for rewarded video ads with high fill rate and ecpm . I am currently using Unity ads and AdColony

Hey @msmob,

Not too sure if that violates AdMob policy, though intuitively one would think you’re allowed to serve whatever format you want prior to “rewarding” your user. It’s simply a matter of considering if you’re OVER-Rewarding them if they only have to close a Static Interstitial or Skip a Video.

More to the point, you’re having fill issues because you don’t have enough networks. I’d recommend researching mediation companies that provide multiple ad networks in a single SDK, which will save you a LOT of time, and ultimately make you more money too. There’s only a few out there, but I’d be happy to connect personally and discuss further if you want.