Is it Ok to close the app if EULA is rejected?

According to google play policy is it ok to just close the app if user rejects the EULA(startapp or appwiz) and allow the user to use the app only if he accepts it?

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, otherwise these SDKs would probably offer that functionality.

As far as I know if user declines the EULA they can still use the app but won’t get external ads (Push, icon) but will still get in app ads such as smartwall, banners, appwalls etc.

He isn’t asking what ads the user will receive upon Declining a EULA, he’s asking if he can deny users access to the app if they decline the EULA. Essentially means users have to have all ads if they want to use the app.
I doubt that forcing ads on the user, but allowing opt-out afterwards really adheres to Google’s policy.

I believe it’s against google play policy and your app could get removed and your account suspended!

Don’t do that… but if you want to be evil, just spam with more in-app ads

No, you need to allow users to use your app even if they decline EULA. Google policy is clear about this question.

i think there is no conflict with the google policy. but don’t do that. you will end up with a quick uninstall and a bad rating

Yeah, it should not be against the Google’s Policy. Every time when you do some sign-up in any Google’s product, they ask you to accept damned long TOS, which you will not ever read, so you dont have a choice to do not accept that TOS and still use their services (gmail,play market, and etc…). I dont see any restriction on why we can’t use it.

However…:wink: We are small devs, and no one gives a f*** about us, people had bans for no reasons… So, in your case it will be most probably counted as “pushing users to have More* ads” in the app, and that could be a good reason to get banned.

I think if you make big moneys, and got some lawyers, you could do it, but as for now I would not recommend you to do it. As it will result to bad ratings( probably as most people will not read EULA if you will make it a little bit longer), and the high rate of being banned.

I found you the Google Play article which sheds some light on your question.

Essentially, you will run the risk of getting in trouble with Google if you force Ad experience on the user. And since we know that if your app gets suspended, you will be spending a lot of time, energy and resources trying to fix it, it is best to not violate the policy.

Hope this helps.