Is it ok to clone an existing game?

I know this flash game which I want to clone to Android.

Is it legal to?

I plan to use the game play, idea as it is. I may even clone certain levels as it is.

But I will write the code from scratch. I can’t and will not copy the sprites, but I’ll make my own.

Am I doing something wrong?

It is okay. Nobody gets banned for making another tetris, flappy bird or running game. Just don’t use the graphics or the title of this flash game.

What do you mean by “graphics”? Sprites?
I don’t really need any. It’s just shapes and such.

btw, is it ok to copy the levels also? Like Angry Birds levels?

Also, I’m not just speaking about getting banned, but also the legal implications if original author of the flash game found out about this.

Graphics. Images. All the images. The icon. The screenshots. The background image. The main character image / sprites, the monsters or enemies images / sprites or any other image displayed in the app. If it is a square, or a circle, you can draw that by yourself no problem. If it is a stickman, you can draw him by yourself no problem. But if you, for example, draw a plumber with red and blue costume, white gloves and mustache, you will be violating Nintendo’s intellectual rights to Mario. If you draw a strange blue animal with strange blue haircut, in boots and gloves, you’ll violate intellectual rights to Sonic.

I don’t think you are in any danger if you create the levels that look like these from the other game.

you can copy the levels, no copyright infringement, or risk of getting banned

On the long run, if my game becomes a very popular game (think 3M downloads), is this going to look unethical or “cheap” of me?

People improve on other peoples ideas all the time. Just make sure you check over everything so that no copyright infringements are issued.

Or you could try contacting the developer of the flash game to strike a partnership?

who cares how it will look like for someone? For many people it will appear lame to display ads and will rate you 1 star because you display them - as they think the games should be free with no ads, and the developers should work on making the games full-time for free and beg for coins around the church in the meantime, or get the money from government, which obviously prints them, so these money are for free and unlimited.

Just don’t think you’ll get 3M downloads for sure. More than 50% of apps never reach 1000 downloads.

True. But I was just thinking about the best of the cases :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think that would be a good idea as I am sure you may have already heard that, google is throwing his hammer over the similar clone apps or I would say if you aren’t that much alerted over this one then you can get yourself covered under the dark skies ! So, I would say instead of moving forward with the Clone I would say move forward in coming out with some new idea.